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CIFAA Members

Locate a CIFAA member near you today. Only CIFAA members are certified to be independent and are free from the potential conflicts which exist when advisers receive payments and commissions from institutions. CIFAA members work for you.

New South Wales

Greg Barter | CIFAA Member

Greg Barter

Jessica Brizuela - CIFAA Adviser

Jessica Brizuela

Andy Darroch | CIFAA Member

Andy Darroch

Chris Rae

Vince Lam | CIFAA Member

Vince Lam

Bill Raffle | CIFAA Member

Bill Raffle

Graham Sale | CIFAA Member

Graham Sale

Michael Stenta | CIFAA

Michael Stenta

David O’Hara

Jonah Sukkar


Jon Melloy

Winston McKell

South Australia

Theo Marinis | CIFAA

Theo Marinis

Craig Meathrel | CIFAA Member

Craig Meathrel

Jacie Taylor | CIFAA Member

Jacie Taylor

Jason Zanini | CIFAA

Jason Zanini

Stacey Vyden


Jane Clark | CIFAA Member

Jane Clark

Anton Diedericks | CIFAA Member

Anton Diedericks

Simon Duigan


Andrew Saikal-Skea


Andrew Brown | CIFAA Member

Andrew Brown

Berivan Dubier | CIFAA Member

Berivan Dubier

Sean Dwyer | CIFAA Member

Sean Dwyer

Chris Haggart | CIFAA

Chris Haggart

Cameron Howlett | CIFAA Member

Cameron Howlett

Shane Nicholas | CIFAA

Shane Nicholas

Jordan Vaka | CIFAA Member

Jordan Vaka

Andrew Garrigan

John Hicks

Joe Stephan

James Stephan

Western Australia

Nick Bruining | CIFAA Member

Nick Bruining

Brad Clarke | CIFAA Member

Brad Clarke

Chris Cornish - CIFAA Member

Chris Cornish

Sam Graham | CIFAA Member

Sam Graham

Peter Humble

Petrese Ivey | CIFAA Member

Petrese Ivey

Emily van Kampen | CIFAA Member

Emily van Kampen

David McGregor | CIFAA Member

David McGregor

Dan Purslow - Bruining Partners | CIFAA

Daniel Purslowe

Chris Pritchard | CIFAA Member

Chris Pritchard

David Jarrott

James Robinson | CIFAA Member

James Robinson

Annette Sinclair | CIFAA Member

Annette Sinclair

Mick Steffan | CIFAA Member

Mick Steffan

Stephanie Tang-Bowman | CIFAA Member

Stephanie Tang-Bowman

Peter Webster | CIFAA Member

Peter Webster

Chris Young

Melanie Davies

Vinh Ta