We're the Certified Independent Financial Advisers Association

CIFAA is Australia’s largest association of independent financial advisers. Formed in 2022, we have members in every Australian state. Our members are professionally qualified financial planning experts who have been verified as being legally independent. 

What is an independent financial adviser?

Independent Financial Advisers have structured their business in such a way as to remove the conflicts of interest that plague other advice businesses:

Why is it important to get advice from an independent adviser?

Consumers should receive honest advice about the best way to manage their finances. They shouldn’t be ‘sold’ investment schemes or products which often provide payments to their adviser. That's because those payments can influence the advice they provide to their clients.
Engaging with an independent adviser ensures that the advice is not influenced by incentives such as commissions or payments based on how much money you have. Independent advisers are also not limited on the advice they can provide. Non-independent advisers often provide recommendations based on what their parent companies say, or may have restrictions imposed by product manufacturers they are affiliated with.

How can I tell if my financial adviser is Independent?

CIFAA members can proudly display the Guarantee of Independence which is your assurance that your adviser is independent. All financial advisers must declare if they are not independent in their Financial Services Guide (FSG). That is a legal document which you must receive.

Indicators of non-independence

Pictured: an example of a typical declaration of non-independence. ​